Willow: a breast pump connected to your Apple Watch

Willow breast pump

Willow, the best-known wireless breast pump on the web, has just announced that It can now be controlled from an app you can install on your Apple Watchgiving mothers even more freedom of movement.

Gone are the manual breast pumps that extracted milk from the mother’s breast with great difficulty but were adept at causing tendonitis in those who used them. Now there is a wide range of electric breast pumps, which make the task much easier and are also much more efficient, emptying the breast in less time and with much less discomfort. The evolution of these pumps comes from the hand of “cordless pumps” like Willow: a small device, about the size of a breast, that can be placed on the chest and under the bra

and that he does his job while the woman can continue to do hers, and that can also be controlled from the Apple Watch.

This Willow 3.0 allows you to control the start and end of the milk extraction from your Apple Watch, to switch between a stimulation session or an extraction, even to modify the intensity of the extraction with a simple press of your Apple Watch screen. In addition to the control, you can also see different measurements made in real time, such as the amount of milk extracted or the battery remaining in the extractors. The expressed milk collects in a bag housed inside the pump which is disposable and can be purchased separately. Its price, as you can imagine, is not cheap at all: $549.99

, although some insurance companies reimburse part of the investment. On its website, you can also buy different packs that include carrier bags, as well as disposable bags and other reusable deposits. You can access from this link.



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