With tvOS 15 we can log in with iPhone Face ID

All our wishes for a major overhaul of tvOS with the arrival of its version 15 have faded during the WWDC21 that we are recently experiencing live via Actualidad Gadget. There were no home screen renovations or revolutionary features, however, we found the odd “hidden detail”.

Now we can easily login and fill in data on tvOS using Face ID on our iPhone.

These types of integrations make Apple TV a particularly recommended product for general Apple users, with quite a distance from other more popular and much worse built-in Smart TVs.

As we said previously, the integration of the HomePod Mini with the Apple TV is one of the few novelties concerning tvOS 15. However, a detail concerning the integration also seems quite interesting to us. From now on we will be able to connect more quickly to our applications or services integrated into Apple TV by directly using Face ID or Touch ID of our iPhone,

As can be seen in the capture that the companions of 9to5Mac where we can appreciate this new identification system.

In this way and via a notification, the iCloud Keychain will be synchronized and will quickly offer us the right alternative,

thus invoking the iOS device closest to us, usually our iPhone. While it is true that the integration of identification systems via the TV remote control built into iOS was already quite good, we now find it at a maximum level of integration because we will only have to click on the notification and identify us via Face ID or any other system that we use regularly. Anything that improves tvOS integration will be welcome despite the splash of cold water brought in by WWDC.



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