Xiaomi announces an ambitious remote wireless charger

Lately we see rumors of a possible iPhone without ports, a new device that can make us make the definitive leap towards 100% wireless technological devices. And is that we are using more and more wireless headphones, and the wireless chargers they are also growing very strongly. But, can you imagine a charger that doesn’t need us to “have” our device on it? Today we bring you the proposal of Xiaomi, the Mi Air Charge, the new remote wireless charger …

Science fiction? keep reading as we give you all the details of how it works, and I’m already warning you that if you’re conspiranoids, it’s going to scare you …

As you can see in the video presented by the guys from Xiaomi, the charger works thanks to 144 antennas which radiate millimeter waves towards the devices that allow this load (which will have 14 receiving antennas). 5 watts of power, several meters away, and capable of charging more than one device simultaneously … Sci-fi data, perfect for any fan of conspiracy theories about devices that radiate energy. A project they say is quite advanced, but that only Xiaomi knows if it is true….

Everything must be said, this My Air Charge is the most ambitious thing I have seen in at least a year, but I also dare to say that we can expect everything from Xiaomi. Obviously, it’s not on the market yet and requires your new devices to incorporate this new wireless charging without us needing to have the device on a charging pad. We will see where it all is, and especially if there is more manufacturers who dare this new “wireless” charging. Now, I also tell you that let’s see who installs a “charger” like this in the middle of the living room at home …



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