You can now buy a refurbished iPhone 12 or 12 Pro from Apple

Refurbished iPhones

As you all know, this is one of the Apple web sections that I usually visit from time to time to find this product a little cheaper, but with a full Apple warranty. Obviously, if you have a college discount, this type of refurbished or Apple refurbished product might not be the best for you, but for anyone who doesn’t have the option of buying it for college. These products can be very interesting.

Obviously, it must be clarified that these are not new devices, are repackaged by the company itself to be put back on the market. Although it is true that these devices that we find in the list of refurbished by Apple could be completely new if this was not the case because the box indicates that they are restored.

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are now available in this section

Much of these products come from usuarios that understand and for a reason or cause they devuelven in the period of the first 15 days, other devices come from devoluciones of customers for algún fallo that Apple repaired and solventa in su sede para volver a ponerlos in the market. In any case, they are all devices to buy in the refurbished section, they are completely reliable and With a one-year warranty from Apple.

Now the Cupertino company has added several iPhone 12 and 12 pro models, with discounts ranging from 120 dollars to 210 in the most expensive models. As I always say, in these cases there is no better experience than the one you have yourself and I personally know several users who have or have purchased products in this Apple web section and are really satisfied with them , although they know that they are certainly not new devices, they really look like it.



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