Gallery: Nintendo Shares Absolutely Stunning High-Res Super Metroid Artwork

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Super Metroid
Image: Nintendo

Samus will return this October in an all-new outing on the Nintendo Switch titled Metroid Dread. It’s being co-developed by the talented team over at MercurySteam – the same developer who worked on Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS.

In the lead-up to this new adventure, Nintendo has been sharing Metroid history on a special website and shar ing this information in short bursts over on its social media channels.

Its latest post on Twitter highlights the SNES classic Super Metroid – showing off some absolutely stunning high-resolution artwork of Samus, her Gunship, Ridley and Kraid. You may have already seen this artwork in the Metroid Dread Report.

Samus (Image: Nintendo)
Kraid (Image: Nintendo)
Ridley (Image: Nintendo)
Gunship (Image: Nintendo)

If all of this has got you in the mood for some Super Metroid action, you can always check out this classic title via Nintendo’s Switch Online service. It also happens to be Metroid’s 35th anniversary this year – which is another excuse to play through all of Samus’ classic adventures again.

What do you think of the above high-res artwork? Does it bring back any memories? Leave a comment down below.

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