Here are the full Notes of the Luigi Construction 3 Version 1.3.0

Next to the issue of Luigi's House 3 one component of multiplayer DLC version 1.3.0. The biggest update released in the game has since arrived the last time

Not only does it add and unlock new multiplayer content, but you also get a few extra features here and there. There were plenty of adjustments made in the main story mode, and last but not least there are plenty of standard adjustments to improve the overall feel of the game. Check out the full full notes below:

Ver. 1.3.0 (released March 4, 2020)

  • Features included
    • Games at ScreamPark can now be played with a single player (this is an interactive mode with no opponents).
    • The following content has been added to ScareScraper.
      • Added 20 floor mode.
      • Five new ghost types will appear.
      • Now it will once again appear that it will be worth the Guquat Crows! And Collect Gold! on the journey.
      • Added a link to How to Play in the menu.
    • Extra Albums, where players can listen to the game's BGM.
      • To access albums, from Story? Gallery? Exclusive content.
  • Multiplayer Features added
    • New games added to ScreamPark.
    • The following content has been added to ScareScraper.
    • Three dresses were added.
    • Three new layers have been added to the floor and six types of ghosts will appear as Luigi wears one of the new outfits.
      • Players without a Multiplayer Pack can see these things.
  • Story
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Luigi from approaching the door when he caught Boo in the hotel shop corridor.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Luigi from leaving behind the bench at Studio 3 of Paranormal Productions.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from escalating after touching sharks fin at Sp Spralral Catch beach.
  • ScareScraper
    • Added / modified Boolossus attack pattern.
    • Fixed a problem in Find Tools! trips that prevent Toads from traveling and / or building access to clothing.
  • Normal
    • A few issues have been included to improve the gameplay experience.

Have you downloaded version 1.3.0 for Luigi & # 39; s Mansion 3? Did you notice anything else? Comment below.




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