The PlayStation 5 would start production this week

The presentation of the Playstation 5 it will not be made wait beyond the present week. After an “accidental” leak on Twitch, Sony confirmed that The first console event will take place on Thursday, June 11. Recall that it was postponed due to protests against racism in the United States. So it seems that this week will be quite significant for the PS5; and it is that not only will their first games be announced, its production would also start.

According to reports Business Korea, This week some components of the PlayStation 5 will begin to be manufactured. The aforementioned media explains that, despite the delays in the production line caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the next-generation console from Sony is complying to the letter with the manufacturing calendar. That is to say, the launch of will not suffer any inconvenience, as noted by Jim Ryan – president of Sony Interactive Entertainment – the week before.

Also, the source expects that production peaks during the third quarter of 2020. AMD, the company that will supply the CPU and GPU for the PlayStation 5, has already chosen the Asian partners that will produce the processor. The latter, based on the Zen 2 architecture of AMD itself, will boast 8 cores, variable frequency of up to 3.5 Ghz and 36 computing units. For its part, the graphics chip with RDNA 2 architecture promises to reach 10.28 teraflops. We also find a 16 GB GDDR6 RAM and 856 GB SSD storage.

Business Korea It also explains that one of the main beneficiaries of the production will be the NAND Flash memory sector. And is that the PlayStation 5 will be the first console in Sony’s history to adopt an ultra-fast SSD storage system

. In fact, those from Japan have highlighted it as one of the main novelties of their proposal. Component speed reaches 5.5 GB / s, which will help eliminate – or at least significantly decrease – loading times.

Will we know your design soon?

Due to the start of production, Sony likely to reveal PS5 design very soon. However, they have already made it clear that Thursday’s event will star the games, both exclusive and Third-Party. The best thing will be not to have illusions that we will know its final appearance or price. Their intention is to hold various events during the summer, so we will still have other appointments beyond the June 11 conference.

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