A renewed Apple Watch SE and another sporting one for 2022

We are coming to the end of the year and Cupertino society is at this stage of apparent lethargy right now. For this reason, the official news does not go beyond the new versions of the various operating systems and Christmas campaigns to give away devices.

In this case, the rumors about possible new devices are already in charge of others, like Mark Gurman. The well-known analyst indicates that with the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple is planning a ‌Apple Watch SE update and possibly a sportier watch option

that some already indicate that it could be similar to the design of the legendary Casio G-Shock.

Has the Apple Watch SE changed?

It’s possible that many are still waiting for the new version of the watch at the start of the year, but we really don’t think so. The current Apple Watch SE launched in September 2020

And the safest thing is that the new models, if they arrive, will do so during the same month of 2022. The question here is whether this model really needs a change since Apple has it. as a business model, right out of the gate, and adding What’s New could increase your price.

In any case, the SE versions are always “recycled” from other devices and therefore We don’t think Apple will raise the final price of this model too much.

, it can even hold up with the same current price in a new version in 2022.

On the other hand, according to Gurman, there is the possibility that Apple will launch a more sporty and resistant model. This supposed new Apple Watch, will have a “reinforced” design which can add a case more resistant to scratches, bumps, drops, etc. This is why we are talking about a possible Apple Watch imitating the legendary Casio watch.



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