AirPods 3 charging case is sweat and water resistant

AirPods Pro with MagSafe charger

Apple introduced the new AirPods 3 last week, a leap in quality and design in the Big Apple’s new headphones. The integration of this new product clearly shows Apple’s intentions to create an increasingly powerful and improved range of headphones: from 2nd generation AirPods to the Max version to the Pro. The 3rd generation integrates a new design more like the Pro, new force controls, spatial audio with dynamic tracking and new skin sensors. Besides, The MagSafe charging case is IPX4 certified, including sweat and water resistance.

The IPX4 certified AirPods 3 charging case: water and sweat resistance

Throughout the day, the new headphones will begin to reach those users who were successful in purchasing a unit on the day of its launch. The new AirPods 3 also feature a new design with shorter rods, a new charging case compliant with the MagSafe standard. The incorporation of this new charging case is expandable to AirPods Pro.

However, there is a novelty that differs between the two charging cases between the 3rd generation and the Pro, which is the IPX4 certification

who certifies water and sweat resistance. Until now, charging cases were not resistant to any liquid. But the incorporation of this new charging case includes certification. Remember that IPX4 indicates that It has no resistance to any solid and has a resistance grade 4
to liquids which include drops of water, drops of water at 15º and water mist and water jet (without pressure).

We can see how the AirPods Pro charging case does not include this resistor on Apple’s official website:

The wireless charging case and ‌MagSafe‌ charging case for ‌AirPods Pro‌ are not sweat or water resistant.

With this decision, Apple wants to clarify that Non-Pro generations must also play an important role in Apple headphones.



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