Almost all Apple stores in China are already open

For more than a week, the Campertino boys started coming back to them open one of the Apple Stor variantse for the company to distribute in the Asian region, even though we have a limited rate of 11 am 6 pm. All users who visit stores should be accompanied by masks and controlled by body heat.

Today, 38 of the 42 Apple stores in China have opened their doors, already during normal business hours, there are only 4 shops left that do not open to the public. Of those 38 stores, 19 will expand the current 7-hour schedule while the other 6 will return to their normal working hours.

In the past 9 days, 14 Apple Store have reopened their stores. In 4 stores that are still closed, Three of them work in Tianjin,

a port city of more than 15 million people in northeast China. The fourth store that has not yet opened its doors is at Suzhou Mall, a store that will open its doors on March 11. At present, the exact date of the reopening of shops in Tianjin is unknown.

In recent weeks, the number of people infected with the crown has gone viral reduced, indicating that Apple trusts the Chinese government when it claims to have a coronavirus-infected state.

The exact opposite is happening now in Europe. Italy has been the country most affected by the coronavirus where this weekend all retail outlets and shopping centers will not open their doors in Bergamo, halting the country's expansion. In the United States, many are events that are canceled to reduce the risks of coronavirus infection, the last being a Google developer conference.



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