Apple could distribute 20 million units of the first foldable iPhone in 2023

We had a Keynote in April, next June we will have the next WWDC Keynote, but What is the future of Apple? One of the most talked about devices is the foldable iphone, a new device that would join the foldable fashion that we see in recent years. And the rumors return … Now Kuo claims that Apple would be closer to presenting them and that would go to market by launching millions of folding devices …

Keep reading as we give you all the details on what the new foldable iPhone can be.

Before continuing with the news, Do we need a foldable iPhone? This is undoubtedly the question that has arisen in Cupertino in recent years, there are many manufacturers who have ventured to launch their folding devices, Apple is taking a long time but we already know that Apple does not like much launch devices without scanning the possible host they may have. Ming-Chi Kuo, one of Apple’s main strategy visionaries now says that from Cupertino, they plan to launch 20 million units of this foldable iPhone in the year 2023, even talk about what Apple reportedly working with Samsung to be suppliers of folding OLED displays for this device.

We’ll see what it’s all about, we’re sure throughout this year, and given the rumored dates, in 2022 we’ll be talking about more rumors about the possibility that Apple will eventually release a foldable iPhone. It should also be said, until 2023 we have ample time to analyze the acceptance of this type of device in other brands

It’s also time for Apple, whether or not it’s developing a foldable iPhone, to decide whether it’s a good idea to launch a device with these features. You too, What do you think of a foldable iPhone? Do you think Apple will eventually launch a device with these characteristics?



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