Apple could launch an Apple Watch for extreme sports

A new model of Apple Watch could arrive in 2021 intended for “extreme” use with a reinforced, impact-resistant housing, according to Bloomberg.

Apple could expand the range of its smartwatch with a new model aimed at a more athletic audience. If we currently have models in aluminum, steel and titanium, this same year a new Apple Watch could be launched with a case in which the plastics are combined to better resist the attacks that can be caused by sports such as climbing, cycling, mountaineering

, etc. It would be a Casio “G-Shock” style model, with much more aggressive designs, which either fall in love or produce terror, with no common ground, but which are perfect for activities like the ones we discussed earlier.

Apple initially used the name “Sport” for the aluminum Apple Watch, but then stopped using it to simply name the Apple Watch based on the material of the case (aluminum, steel, ceramic, titanium .. .). The one that was originally called Apple Watch Sport was simply a cheaper Apple Watch due to the materials used in its construction (aluminum and Ion-X glass), it was not a name that made sense due to the resistance of the smartwatch, quite the opposite. It is not known if the new model Bloomberg revealed to us would inherit the name “Sport”, although the internal name that Apple uses for this can give some clues: “Explorer Edition”


We do not know the launch date of this new sporty Apple Watch, as well as its price, although Bloomberg says it won’t be before the end of the year, surely from the hand of the new Apple Watch Series 7, which is usually unveiled in the fall. although it could also happen that these are just tests and the project ends up being canceled. Seeing an Apple Watch with a more aggressive design would undoubtedly be the dream of many.



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