Apple hits the battery icon again in iOS 16 Beta 6


Apple just released the iOS 16 Beta 6 and once again tweaks one of its most controversial new features: the battery percentage in the status bar.

Just a week ago, Apple released iOS 16 Beta 5 with a new surprise for everyone: the battery icon in the status bar now included a number indicating the percentage remaining. This functionality, present in the iPhone until the 8, disappeared with the arrival of the iPhone X and its characteristic “notch” which still persists in the iPhone 13. However, like any novelty at Apple, the new percentage drumming has not been free from controversy and has been the subject of disproportionate criticism and praise.

Let’s be reasonable, it’s a novelty worthy of just a few lines in an iOS 16 article, but like at Apple everything is magnified for better and for worse, because thousands and thousands of words have been written about the happy percentage . And today, with the arrival of the new Beta 6 of iOS 16, there are changes in this feature, although surely it is not what you expected. You can now activate Low Power mode without having to display the percentage

something that was previously forced.

And it is that one of the most widespread criticisms of the way Apple now shows its battery is that it always appears as full, even if the percentage indicates 50%. Only when the battery drops below 20% does it show as nearly empty with the battery in red

. Many people have posted possible solutions on social networks to gradually drain the battery in the icon and the percentage is perfectly readable by users. But for now we’ll have to wait for the next beta to see if Apple also sees it the same way users do and decides to fix it, or we’re just faced with another “it’s you’re catching it wrong “



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