Apple Praises New Application Tracking Transparency Policy With New Announcement

We’ve been using iOS 14.5 for a few weeks now, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices. A new iOS whose main novelty was the new policy of transparency in application tracking, a policy that gives users more control over what an application can track about us. AT Apple cares about our privacy, and precisely that new policy, and our privacy, are the protagonists of the new announcement of the company …

As you can see, it all starts with a simple coffee. From there, everything gets complicated and all the people who meet our protagonist start to follow him and collect information from him. Something that sympathetically recalls what certain applications do and whose practices Apple wants to control. This ends with the iPhone and the latest iOS 14 update. We can now choose which apps can and cannot track us, and even what information to share with them. All this to prevent us from being a price to pay without knowing it. And is Until now, apps knew too much about us, they were with us 24 hours a day to collect information then add and monetize all that data, and worst of all, most people aren’t aware of what an app knows about us.

New iOS 14.5 brings us Apple’s new transparency policy

, a policy that allows us to choose and remove these traces as happens at the end of Apple’s announcement. Of course, we’ll always have the option of allowing an app to follow us whenever we want. In addition to all this, through the App Store we can also find out what data is collected by each app that we are looking for. And you, Do you block the tracking of our data by applications? Have you allowed tracking?



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