Create an Apple Car in 3D based on Apple patents

Apple Car 3D

That’s what they did in Vanarama, create a 3D model of an Apple car to see what it would look like. These images show the end result And we can really say that we don’t expect Apple’s car to be like that, at least personally I can’t say I like this model.

It is a prototype that incorporates several of the patents filed by Apple in recent years. These patents are presented in a final design which is indeed something futuristic but It doesn’t look like a car that the Cupertino company decides to build

never … or who knows …

The interior would be the only thing that would personally save money

Apple Car 3D

What we undoubtedly like the most is the interior part of this Apple Car prototype. Although it is true that I am not passionate about interior design, having the big screen and this steering wheel with a different shape than the usual one makes the interior a car that looks futuristic and that is always appreciated. As we usually say to taste the colors, sure that many like nothing and others like everything

of this 3D model of Apple Car. We will not go into that.

Apple Car 3D

The key here is to see that the patents implemented in this 3D car show large windows, with its sunroof and all attached without any pillars to the side. We also see the part of the glass which is rounded in shape and a single pillar stands out at the rear of the vehicle, on the other hand it is shows the iMac or XDR monitor grid on the front of the grid

of this car, something that is also quite curious.

In short, this is a car project that we have been talking about for many years between rumors and which seems to never happen so well indicated in 9To5Mac, so far on the patents filed, something like that could come outDo you like this Apple Car?



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