Dramatic improvements to the iPhone 13 camera

IPhone 13, in September 2021

Rumors and news about the upcoming iPhone model, referred to by most of the media as the iPhone 13 don’t stop. In this case, we are talking about new recording functions for the rear cameras and a new photo processing filter. According to popular media outlet Bloomberg with Mark Gurman in the foreground, IPhone 13 will add portrait mode for videos and a new higher quality format thanks to the Apple ProRes codec.

IPhone 13 Video and Photo Recording Improvements

This is usually one of the main changes to Apple’s new iPhones, but in this case, the model following the iPhone 12 could take a big leap in quality from the current model. With that, we don’t mean that this iPhone 12 has bad cameras or that it doesn’t offer us the best in the market at the time of its launch, but it is obviously about improving to the maximum and in this case, it seems that the Portrait mode which is a blur effect in the backgrounds will be available when we make a video, make a call via FaceTime and more on the new iPhone 13.

As shown in this article ProRes video feature will only be available on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. On the other hand, the photos will also improve the photos thanks to the filter to “display colors at a warmer or cooler temperature while maintaining neutral whites”. According to popular media, we will have better filtering options in photos and all of this will deliver exceptional quality to photos taken with the new iPhone 13.



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