Fortnite will return to iOS via GeForce NOW in October

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This week the trial began at Epic and Apple, a trial where Epic has nothing to lose and everything to gain, quite the opposite of Apple. Ever since Epic Games introduced a payment platform that skipped the App Store and Apple and Google removed their app from the platform, Fortnite users on iOS have been forced to search for other alternatives to continue playing.

One of them is NVIDIA’s streaming gaming platform, GeForce NOW, a platform that rolled out of beta last November and which is available via a PWA on iOS, like Microsoft’s Stadia and xCloud, which allows them to not have to go through the App Store filter and offer all their content without having to download an app for each game as Apple wishes.

However, even though Fortnite is available through GeForce NOW, only available for computers

, since for the moment the version for touch screens is not suitable, a version which according to iMore will be available from October. In this way, all iOS users will once again be able to play Fortnite on Apple devices.

Versions of all games available through GeForce NOW These are PC versions

the company therefore had to work on adding support for touch screens which is time consuming and which will also allow users to play on Windows computers with integrated touch screens.

If you’re wondering why Fortnite isn’t available on Microsoft’s xCloud or Google Stadia, the reasons are the same as on the Apple Store: Epic doesn’t want to share the revenue generated from in-app purchases. Epic has entered into an agreement with NVIDIA to all revenue generated by GeForce NOW go straight to Epic.



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