In 2021, the Apple Watch continued to beat all its rivals

It looks like the Apple smartwatch sales numbers aren’t slackening and don’t plan to, especially if we pay attention to the data displayed by Counterpoint Researchon the sales of this smartwatch from the Cupertino company last year 2021.

Of course, we’ve had several years in which the Apple Watch reigns with solvency in the smartwatch market, so it’s no surprise that this past year 2021 has been able to realize more than half of the total turnover of the market

the connected watch.

Year after year, the Apple Watch still dominates

It seems that the Cupertino company hit the nail on the head with this watch since, despite being launched in recent years, it quickly achieved a large volume of sales and today we can say that It is the most sought-after and best-selling watch in the smartwatch market. Obviously, where the most devices are sold is in the United States, but they are closely followed by Europe, China and the rest of the world. It is true that in 2020 the Cupertino watch stopped getting record sales data for obvious reasons like a global pandemic, although it is true that it regained ground in 2021.

Only during the fourth quarter, more than 40 million units were shipped, they were undoubtedly the best-selling moment in the history of the watch itself. Sujeong Lim, one of the heads of Counterpoint Research, provided data on this news:

The good growth of the Global Smartwatches Market in 2021 is significant on its own, but it is more significant as it makes us envision the future growth. Thanks to their ability to monitor important health parameters such as blood pressure, ECG and SPO2, these devices are becoming increasingly popular. Also, the appeal of smartwatches as standalone wearables will increase if more of them start supporting cellular connectivity.

Of course, these are not low numbers despite the fact that the Apple Watch has been pretty continuous in its design and functions over the past few years. Many are waiting for the arrival of an Apple Watch capable of measuring blood sugar, but it has not arrived yet. Despite all this Apple’s watch is still the best-selling watch and continues to hit record numbers.



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