IOS 13.3.1 beta 2 includes the option to roll out the scene with a very wide band

A few weeks ago it was known that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max had it location activated for some internal service or while restricting access to all applications. Days later Apple went ahead to explain the event and the reason for this: Very wide band. To IOS 2 beta 13.3.2 which we'll see soon, Apple is adding an option cut across a very wide band and prevent the iPhone from registering any location. Of course, withdrawing the benefits of this technology gives you & # 39; a sense of place & # 39; service centers such as AirDrop.

Apple will block the widest band in iOS 13.3.1

Ultra-wide band is available on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and its availability varies from region to region.

The Ultra-wide band (UWB) It's an extra with the iPhone 11. This technology allows you provide exact locations with less than 10 centimeters. When we use it in an AirDrop environment, just by pointing to the center of the iPhone 11, UWB allows to facilitate data exchange. When is the problem coming? In some countries, places and places this technology is banned or illegal.

In this case, Apple needed to know location data to determine the effectiveness of broadband integration.

IPhone 11 Pro is the first smartphone with the widest range of bandwidth available. Apple's new chip U1 uses this technology to correctly detect other Apple devices that also have a U1 chip. It's like installing another sensor on the iPhone that allows for many new interactions.

The controversy generated around this work has led to Apple's introduction chances of eliminating the area around a very wide band.

This change is available in Settings> Location Services> System Services, under the "Networking & Wireless" option. This functionality is available in the second beta of iOS 13.3.2 and it's very likely that we'll eventually see it on public version of iOS 13.3.2. However, I think it's an important task delayed due to user concerns and structures.

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