iPadOS 16 could make the iPad what it deserves

The arrival of iPadOS 16 could mean what we’ve been waiting for for some time: that iPad looks more like a computer than an iPhone with large screen.

It was just published by Bloomberg from the hand of Mark Gurman: iPadOS 16 would make the iPad look more like a laptop, and less like an iPhone. The impending WWDC 2022 taking place on Monday June 6th will bring an update for the iPad that will mean a change of direction in the Apple tablet. It will start with redesigned multitasking that will make it much easier to know which apps you have open and to switch between them.

. It will also allow windows to be resized and offer new ways to manage multiple applications at once.

Ever since Apple launched the first iPad Pro, many users have missed a greater differentiation between these and conventional iPads. This was further compounded with the arrival of the M1 processors a year ago, a fact that gave many of us hope that iPadOS 15 would finally mean the definitive leap from Apple’s most advanced tablet. towards an experience closer to what a portable tablet offers us, but we stayed as we were. It was surprising that an iPad over $1,000 could do exactly the same as one that costs less than half that

but that’s how Apple wanted it to be.

However, it seems that the situation has changed, and even if for many it is too late, because we abandoned the post-PC era and succumbed to the virtues of M1 processors in new Macs, there are surely millions of users who are eagerly awaiting this change to finally get the most out of their iPad, with excellent hardware but software that is clearly not up to scratch. We’ll see in less than a week.



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