New Beats Studio Buds are on sale now

Apple launched the new headphones from its Beats brand directly on its website without any presentation, the Studio Buds. These headphones could be a worthy competitor to the current AirPods Pro and is that they add a lot of technology, active noise cancellation, True Wireless technology, compatibility with Apple and Android, autonomy up to 8 hours of audio playback – logically according to the volume you got them – and a lot of other news that we already knew from the amount of leaks and rumors we had seen previously.

Of course, Apple does not need to make presentations of its products occasionally since all the media are talking about it and They’re already comparing them to current AirPods Pro, AirPods, and other headphones from other brands.

In this case, the features offered by these new totally wireless headphones are excellent and their price is quite adjusted for what they offer us. The price of these headphones is 149.95 $ So we can say that it is a very interesting price for those who do not want to spend what the current AirPods Pro are worth, obviously they do not have the same advantages but surely more than one could be useful.

New Beats Studio Buds cannot be reserved at this time but it certainly won’t take long to open reservations. On Apple’s website, they make it clear that they will be available in the summer, although there is no specific date for this. These Beats headphones are available in three colors: red, white and black.



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