Oppo is also rolling out the Apple Watch in its latest smartwatch

Oppo's new event is approaching March 6, and with the cancellation of Soft World World in Barcelona many companies have chosen to launch their own products and digital events, preventing the spread of Coronoavirus, which is a completely logical and understandable one. However, from Cupertino they should see with a half-smile on the face of the new Asian Oppo. If Xiaomi & # 39; s was already an almost unified experience, it is not far behind. The new Oppo smartwatch is very similar to the Apple Watch even at the software level.

Little information is available about the product, only that it will be released mainly in black and gold and that it is likely to have eSIM support, which is a very interesting point because the Apple Watch is one of the few outfits that has such technology. It makes you truly independent. The clock is almost the same, except that one side has two standard high-end buttons that will serve to communicate user experience and break the Apple Watch crown,

However, it has been modeled on other products.

The Oppo event will be broadcast on YouTube on March 6 and can be followed worldwide at 10:30 Spain. In this event, many new devices are expected. We live in a nth case like the Apple Watch, Many years after how widely criticized Apple's clock was not in a circular shape, it recommends other designs such as the Galaxy Watch or Moto 360, however, "circular" clocks are beginning to be in danger of being obliterated. Once again, whatever the case, Apple has marked a standard design approach to every product.



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