Rocket League Sideswipe, officially announced for iOS and Android

Rocket League side sweep

Without a doubt the game Rocket League is a hit with the users. Now the official arrival for this year of SideSwipe is announced, a free title for iOS and which will also be available for Android users. This new version of the game does not have a specific date but it will arrive soon.

The game Rocket League has long been available on gaming platforms, both PC and consoles, but it was not until it became “free to play” that it captured the interest of millions of users. The game which for those who don’t know might be a bit strange, it has millions of addicted users and the arrival of Rocket League Sideswipe is desired by many.

Rocket League side sweep

It consists of playing a soccer game using cars that are fully configurable by the user. Yes, a strange football game, but one that has dominated the gaming market for months with millions of players across the world. In that case the new title will be free with in-app purchases

identical to the current version.

The study Psyonix is ​​part of Epic Games and we already know his relationship with Apple. Either way, leaving this legal issue aside, the developer describes the game as something different from the current game. You can play 1vs1 and 2vs2, but the perspective of the vision is different as we see in the gameplay above.

This is definitely a “different” game from a hugely successful title with younger and not-so-young audiences … Touch controls are improved as Psyonix explains, but this needs to be seen later as it is difficult. for a lot of playing from the iPad or iPhone screen. Anyway, the announcement is official and all that remains is to confirm the launch date.

The alpha trial version will be available from today for Android devices in Australia and New Zealand. From the study it is promised extend the test phase to other countries.



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