Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands join ‘fashion’ to eliminate charger

Xiaomi charger

When Apple eliminated the charger from the iPhone and Apple Watch, the fuss it sparked was tremendous. Many of us don’t understand this decision today More than reducing production costs and being able to add more boxes to each of the packages that are loaded on planes to be distributed all over the planet.

On several occasions we have said that this was definitely a bad decision and what could have been done was let the user choose whether or not they want the iPhone charger (by charging environmental awareness on it) or to add it this year that he had changed the charging mode and for the next 2021 already start to remove it from the boxes. Regardless, Apple, as always, was the first to eliminate chargers from its iPhone and the rest of the companies took the opportunity to literally lynch it, but now it is precisely these brands that elimin ate chargers from their cases …

Samsung first and now Xiaomi remove the charger

The two companies mocked several tweets and news from Apple users for not adding chargers to the iPhone and continuing to purchase their products. Well, as they say now, these are the companies that take chargers out of their boxes and the new Samsung and the following models from China Xiaomi, eliminate the charger.

We continue to say it’s a bad move, but at least in the case of companies outside of Apple, chargers tend to be “more standard” than at Apple, which still goes its wrong way in this regard. By now, we clearly know that all brands are going back on their reviews and joining Apple in eliminating the charger in the box from mobile devices. This can be good or bad depending on the customer and the type of device, but it would always be better as we said at the beginning to let the customer choose in the same purchase to add or not the charger inside. box, it doesn’t seem possible as seen and users are running out of chargers now.



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