The iPad 10 could look a lot more like the iPad Air

It’s one of the devices we’ll almost certainly see before the end of the year, iPad 10, the next generation of Apple’s most affordable tablet that could bring major design changes.

We’re a few weeks away from the arrival of the new iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch, at the center of all the rumors and news in the world of technology, but there is another device that we will surely see before the end of the year. year: the iPad 10. Apple’s cheapest tablet is awaiting a revamp, and despite the fact that until now it was insisted that no changes in design too important, it seems that the appearance of the new tablet will also be very different from the current one, with a design much closer to that of the iPad Air

than we initially thought.

We already knew a new exterior design with flat edges, in the style of the iPad Pro and iPad Air, was likely, but we were sure the iPad 10 would retain the home button with the sensor. Touch ID on the home button. This meant that the bezels would remain thick, at least at the top and bottom of the screen, to make room for the button. A new rumor assures that this will not be the case, and that the new iPad will have the fingerprint sensor in the power button

and turn off the device, as is the case with the iPad Air. Thus, a facade with thinner frames would be possible, to achieve a more uniform design across the entire iPad range.

There is another rumor that is much more dubious, and that is that the position of the front camera would vary, becoming located on one of the sides, so that when you place the iPad horizontally, it will be located at the top, as happens in Apple laptops. So far, all iPads have consistently kept the camera on the top edge, even iPad Pros designed to be used primarily horizontally. Will this mean a change that will gradually reach the rest of the iPad as they are renewed?



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