The new AirTags could be loaded on the back of the iPhone


2021 is expected to be the year we see new Apple products, and I’m not talking about new iPhones or new Macs, I’m talking about new products. One of them will be the AirTag, the product we have been talking about for several years and it seems that they will arrive in 2021. What are we talking about? of a device that will allow us to locate everything on which we put an AirTag

, that is, if we put an AirTag on our key ring, our keys will always be located. We now know that these AirTags could be the first device that we can carry with the back of our iPhone. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

And it has already been discovered that the news iPhone 12 could reverse charge to another device, is not active, was discovered thanks to documentation submitted by Apple to the FCC, and it would be precisely perfect for charging the new AirTags. Because one of the main issues with a device like the AirTag is how they’re going to be charged, or if they’re going to have replaceable batteries (unlikely). New IPhone 12’s MagSafe would be perfect in this case since it would allow us to take it with our iPhone without risking losing it in favor of our new AirTag


In the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S21, we have already seen how Samsung was ahead of Apple with the Galaxy Smart Tag,

Now it’s Apple that has to hurry, and You also have to give it to enable reverse charge that others already have and it would be nice for us to be able to charge the AirPods for example, in fact, iPads already charge Apple Pencil in this way. It may be the year, Apple is now going to release something that Samsung has already released, but now is the time to see how they do it to give it that Apple touch.



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