The tenacity of the iPhone in a new ad: “Relax is the iPhone”

iPhone 12

Curious to see how Apple should show us the toughness of its iPhone. This new announcement from the company shows with a formidable ending the fall of an iPhone 12 even if it is true that it falls on a surface which logically it is more likely that it will not damage the screen of the device.

I say this because it is very Apple to take advantage of a feature like the hardness of the “Ceramic Shield” glass

but of course, you also have to see the place where the smartphone falls. A fall to the ground is not the same as falling on gravel, asphalt or even stones …

We also don’t want to get into absurd debates about the iPhone’s drop, height or surface, what the Cupertino company wants to show with this new spot is the hardness of the glass. It is better that you see the ad and draw your own conclusions, then we’ll turn it over to you.

Another issue is whether these iPhone 12s are more resistant to scratches or even bumps themselves. But it’s exactly the same as when we see ads for iPhone or Apple Watch in the water, we know that they are able to resist without problem but it relieves us when we fall in water or in the ground …

Either way, the announcement for whatever controversy it may cause is “really funny” as long as it doesn’t happen to us. Seeing how we try by all means to avoid the iPhone falling to the ground can be comical to those of us who watch it from afar, When that happens to us, it sure doesn’t make us that funny.

Moreover, the stress tests that we have seen in the YouTube videos made by the YouTubers indicate that yes, the iPhone 12 is quite resistant to falls but it is better not to throw it on the ground to check it.



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