This is how the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have longer battery life

iPhone 16 Pro Max battery

The month of September is approaching and with it the arrival of the new iPhone 16. However, we have no doubt that throughout WWDC24 and the following months additional information will leak in the source code of the iOS 18 betas. We know a lot of them. rumors around the new iPhone 16. In fact, it is expected that the iPhone 16 Pro Max has the largest battery ever in an iPhone and a few days ago the reason was found. And it seems that This new battery will have a higher energy density in the same space, thus increasing the autonomy of the device.

iPhone 16 Pro Max battery will have more energy density

A few weeks ago, the capacities of the different batteries of the four expected models of the iPhone 16 were disclosed. There was no surprise about a general increase in capacities except for the iPhone 16 Plus whose capacity will decrease by 8.6% compared to the iPhone 15 Plus. To date, no further information has been released regarding this surprising fact.

iPhone 16 Pro

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iPhone 16 Pro Max: the biggest battery ever seen on an iPhone

However, today the news is here engineering around the iPhone 16 Pro Max battery, which would increase by 5.7% compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, reaching 4676 mAh according to the latest leaked data. This large battery with this great autonomy is obtained, according to new information from Ming Chi-Kuo, thanks to a increase the energy density of the cells that make up the battery. This increase would mean that the range could be increased with the same battery size or maintain the range of the previous generation by decreasing the battery size.

Additionally, Apple will apparently attempt to test a new type of stainless steel coating on iPhone 16 Pro Max batteries to verify its effectiveness in reduce overheating. If the result is good, it is likely that all iPhone 17 models will acquire this new battery configuration.



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