WhatApp is going backwards, it will no longer limit functions to users who do not accept the new privacy policy

Two weeks ago the past May 15, deadline to accept or not the new conditions of the privacy policy of WhatsApp. A news that opened the news given the relevance of the WhatsApp application in our new technological life. What if we don’t accept? because of Facebook, owners of WhatsApp, they talked about the limitation of functions, another added to the controversy of the change. Now they are backing down because of all the noise that has been generated around this new privacy policy … Facebook confirms that it will not limit WhatsApp functions to users who do not agree to the new terms.

This, yes, they don’t say anything either they won’t bombard us with warnings trying to end up agreeing in any way … In statements to popular tech media The Verge, de Facebook wanted to confirm that it does not plan to limit the functions of people who do not accept the new conditions

, as confirmed by:

Due to the controversy that arose after the changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp, we would like to clarify that we will not limit the functionality of the operation of WhatsApp for those users who have not yet agreed to the updated terms. of the new privacy policy.

Of course, as you may have read, they are talking about users who “have not yet accepted”, that is to say tEverything can change in the future because in the end, the conditions of the policy will remain there

and at any time, they can make changes that limit functionality. We’ve always said it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth accepting or not, and obviously be consistent with the changes you can make from Facebook with our features. And you, Have you accepted the WhatsApp conditions? Have you switched to another messaging app with fewer terms?



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