Apple adds support for WebM audio codec in Safari with iOS 15

As we told you this week, we continue to analyze all the new things that are released with the betas of iOS 15. You already know that Apple presented us with the “most” important news in June, but this ‘is during the beta test where We see all the little details that are added to the next operating system for Apple mobile devices, iOS 15. And today we bring you a very interesting novelty to which no one expected … Apple just added support for the WebM audio codec in Safari with the latest beta of iOS 15

. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

To understand the importance of this gesture, we must go back to the time of Steve Jobs. The WebM codec (available for audio and video) is an open codec created by Google in 2010 (with a codec for stills called WebP), codecs that have never been in the Cupertino ecosystem since Cupertino itself Jobs called them a disaster

. Obviously the industry does not have to follow Jobs’ words and it is true that WebM is used more and more. Apple ended up adding WebP support to Safari with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, and later WebM for video also came to Safari on Mac. all of the company’s devices are compatible with WebM and WebP audio, and it’s no surprise that the video codec is making its way to iOS as well.

One Safari for iOS which is gradually gaining in functionality And that it is renewed since, as we have taught you, Safari is one of the apps that will change the most with iOS 15. It’s good that in the end Apple ends up adding support for other formats, to the final they have to provide everything to us as we cannot depend on web developers to use compatible formats with our operating system.



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