Apple could buy Electronic Arts to power Apple Arcade

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Apple devices offer a wide range of possibilities. Its improved hardware has enabled developers to generate great games of high quality. The Big Apple tried to stimulate this market by creating apple arcade, a subscription service to access different ad-free titles with a single subscription. One of the big game distributors is the famous Electronic Arts (EA). The latest information is that Apple could be in talks with EA for a possible merger or purchase.

Could Electronic Arts be the start of a new Apple Arcade?

Electronic Arts is a California-based company engaged in the development and distribution of games worldwide. Great titles fall on them like Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims, Dead Space, Titanfall or Dragon Age. Its creator was Hawkins trip. And that’s important since Hawkins was on Apple’s board in the 1970s as chief strategy and marketing officer. In 1982, he left the company and created Electronic Arts.

According to the latest information Electronic Arts could have started to start conversations with major companies to discuss a possible sale or merger. The world of video game distribution is also on the move. In early 2022, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, another known distributor for games like Hearthtone or WoW Companion. Electronic Arts’ goal could be for the current CEO to remain CEO of the merged company.

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It is clear that if Apple buys Electronic Arts, it would become an independent company but with the ability to generate titles for its benefit. That is to say, all Electronic Arts titles would move to Apple Arcade.

Also, it would be a big boost for the platform given that they would be working for Apple even though they had different CEOs.

It also appeared that Disney and Amazon could have had discussions with Electronic Arts. From EA they did not want to comment on any kind of rumors and assure that they are currently focused on maintaining the hegemonic position they have in the territory of video games. We’ll see if there’s ultimately a buyout or a merger and what impact that will have on Apple platforms.



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