Apple is launching a new flagship location for the new iPhone SE on social media

Apple cleared its doubts a few days ago about the new one IPhone SE, iPhone lowcost of apple boys who came to dominate the market for all those users who didn't want to pay more than € 500 per machine. The iPhone is expected to sell better and that seems to surpass all expectations. Apple has used its creative machinery to promote it, and today we bring it to you a new place to promote the new iPhone SE.

It should be mentioned that this is not a "formal" announcement, and that is the new location has a square format because it is intended to be cast on social media, all to see when we see ours to feed on Instagram or Facebook. And the fact is that it is complete, eye-catching, and enticing in that "mysterious" moment that happens when we open the iPhone case, in this case the iPhone SE. A a video released by TheApplePost shows us the advanced features of this new iPhone SE in the space between case and bottom

. The best announcement is taking advantage of Apple's design and summarizing what this new iPhone SE is in 8 seconds.

And to you, Are you sure about this new iPhone SE?

The fact is that many analysts are talking about the biggest sales Apple could have with this device, and we always believe. There are many who love the ecosystem of iOS, who still have their iPhone 6S, or older, but don't want to spend too much, which is why The new iPhone SE may be another way to refresh your devices and have the newest features of Apple. Yes, it has a classic design, but it's a beautiful design and many like this frame frame.



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