Apple shuns superstitions, there will be the iPhone 13

iPhone 12  Pro Max

We were recently talking about a study which claims that Apple could lose a good chunk of sales of the new iPhone if it ends up using the number “13” to name it, this is mainly due to the bad reputation that this number has. already has superstitions around it.

However, everything indicates that Apple has finally decided to call the 2021 model iPhone 13 and they will also keep the same sizes as so far.

Apple thus shows that it shuns superstitions and has nothing to fear. The flashback? We will find out.

According to Daily economic news, This new iPhone which will arrive in 2021 will be launched in the four versions that we have seen for the 2020 edition, i.e .: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, everything therefore indicates once again that it will rather be a hardware revision for the iPhone 12, which Apple previously called “S” in each of its editions. Based on rumors and slight improvements, this latest theory is one that grows stronger as we continue to scrutinize iOS 15 for a poorly kept secret.

Likewise, the leaks suggest that there was a real discussion when choosing the name of the new iPhone, and that the number 13 still creates such controversies. However, Apple believes that the “S” versions should be reserved for minor modifications of certain editions of the iPhone, And it looks like they don’t want that to be the case in the year 2021, when the iPhone will receive a 120Hz ProMotion display and noticeable improvements to the camera’s sensors, which we also had to say. hard to believe given the quality standard of the current iPhone 12 Pro. In the meantime, we wait.



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