Apple Watch Series 3 still sells out though it won’t get watchOS 9

Apple Watch Series 3

Yesterday’s keynote also dedicated its well-deserved time to watchOS 9 and the great news it brings. We won’t be able to see the full potential of the operating system until Apple unveils the Apple Watch Series 8, which will perfectly complement some creepy software. watchOS 9 compatibility remains wide: from Apple Watch Series 4, paired with an iPhone running iOS 16 which are compatible from iPhone 8 or iPhone SE 2020. However, what is inconceivable to many is that The Apple Watch Series 3 continues to be officially marketed by Apple while in a few months it will not even be able to be updated to watchOS 9.

The inconceivable reality of selling an outdated Apple Watch Series 3

We meet in a small Breast for a period of one year. Last year we thought that watchOS 8 was not going to be compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 and therefore the device would be withdrawn from the market. However, watchOS 8 was compatible and today the Series 3 is still in the windows of the physical Apple Store.

But watchOS 9 has entered our lives and with it a new round of updates. This new operating system will be compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 to 7 including SE. This completely eliminates the Series 3, a watch that was introduced five years ago and has caused a lot of storage issues in recent years to upgrade to the latest versions.

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Here is watchOS 9, the big update of the Apple Watch

However, the decision made by Apple is to continue selling the Apple Watch Series 3. It’s inconceivable, as we said, because in September when watchOS 9 is released, it will not be compatible with the watch. This may be shocking because the big apple does not normally sell products that are not guaranteed to be upgraded to a new operating system in the short term.

It may be September, when the software is finally released, the time to say goodbye to the Series 3. But for those who have bought a 3 Series in recent weeks, this could be a joke. Obviously our recommendation is to put aside the Apple Watch Series 3 and buy at least one SE for 80 dollars more and an update to watchOS 9 guaranteed.



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