Here is the new iOS 16 lock screen

iOS 16 is here with its first Beta and we are already testing it to show you all its new features. We start with the most anticipated: the new lock screen. How is it configured? What can we do? Everything you need to know here.

It was an open secret: iOS 16’s lock screen was going to change, and it did. Apple now allows us to add more information, not just a clock and date. You can choose from a multitude of widgets

, in the style of how we do it in watchOS. At the moment we only have options for Apple apps, but developers can create their widgets so that you have your favorite app’s weather information or upcoming calendar appointments with your favorite app’s design.

In addition to the information, we can also modify the design of the screen. We can choose different fonts for the clock, more classic or more modern, and change the color. We can choose from a multitude of wallpapers, with the classic iOS colorful design or choose some of the new backgrounds with the earth or the moon as protagonists

, which change in real time, showing us a satellite image of the earth with the corresponding daylight. Do you like to know what moon phase is out there? Well, choose a moon background, or if you prefer photos of friends and family, you can have them change automatically every time you unlock.

Once you have created all the patterns you want, you can create automatically switch based on active concentration mode. This way you will have a background when you are at work, another when you are home in the evening and another when you are enjoying your free time. Multitude of options that we can already see in this first Beta and that we show you in this video in detail.



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