How to change the composition of your iPad while using a trackpad

A few days ago Apple officially launched its new keyboard The Magic Keobard. This keyboard is compatible with the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches and has a range of up to one month. Best of all including a trackpad, which increases the opportunities within iPadOS. Also, iOS 13.4 already allows connect external accessories like trackpads or external mice without using the Apple keyboard. Today we teach you how to do it change the orientation of the directory on your iPad while using the trackpad or external mouse.

Do you prefer natural or artificial volume?

Scrolling is a process that we do when we swipe a finger on an iPad screen to move a screen. Those of us who are familiar with Apple environments like iOS or macOS are used for that from the big apple they call a natural scroll. That is, we use the trackpad and our finger as if it were a pivot mounted on the screen. If we push it too hard, the screen will shrink because it raises the screen. On the other hand, when we slide the pivot down, the screen will increase because it slows the screen down.

However, in some operating systems such as Windows This volume is not that way. That's what it's called the artificial volume.

That is, when we slide our finger on the trackpad page at the top, the screen will go up. When it goes down, the screen will go down. For those of us who are used to natural scrolling, this method of delivery is difficult for us to understand. However, after all, there are different ways to access the same content.

How to change the volume of the trackpad on your iPad?

Now the question comes We introduce these words using an external trackpad or mouse.

Because it's obvious that you're using a touchscreen using a natural scroll. However, when introducing an external extension we can have it both ways.

To change the shape of the scroll While using the add-on it will be sufficient to follow the following steps:

  • Access Settings> Normal for your iPad or iOS in a size equal to or greater than 13.4.
  • Once you've connected your mouse or trackpad a new section will appear "Mouse and trackpad", the name will change depending on whether you have connected these two or only one.
  • You will have the option called "Natural Scroll" what you can make it work or work it depends on what system you come from and what is most familiar to you.



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