How to turn on dark mode in Google Maps on your iPhone

Dark Lane Google Maps

Dark mode is here to stay. There are several operating systems that already have one of these appearances and all applications adapt their designs over time. Many use it because they prefer these colors for fun, others prefer it because they disturb their eyes less. It doesn’t matter why, but whether we can decide to change it or not. One of the apps that took the longest time to get dark mode was Google maps

which he did last August. Here we tell you how to activate dark mode in one of the most used navigation apps in the world: Google Maps.

This is how Google Maps dark mode is activated on your device

Are you tired of the screen or want to customize your app? You’re in luck: Google Maps dark mode for iOS will start rolling out in the coming weeks so you can give your eyes a break or save battery power. To activate it, go to Settings, tap on dark mode, then select “On”.

This is the statement released by Google Maps in mid-August announcing the arrival of dark mode on iOS. This dark mode made it possible to adapt the application in dark tones so that the contrast is lower between day and night. There are also many users who prefer this design because it is less annoying on the eyes regardless of the time of day.

To activate it, simply follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the Google Maps app
  • Select your profile picture and click on “Settings”
  • Look for “Dark Mode” under “Other Card Settings”

In this section we can choose whether dark mode is on, off or it is changed depending on the mode we have in iOS. If you have enabled the latter function, remember that you can quickly switch between light and dark modes by holding down the brightness menu in the Control Center.

If none of these settings appear, make sure that you have installed the latest version of Google Maps. If so, restart the device. And if you still don’t see the settings, try signing out of your Google account and signing back in.

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