IFixit confirms that the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 are "twins"

What we're all sure is that Apple upgraded the iPhone 8 with the new iPhone 11 processor, put a really good price on it and called it the iPhone SE. This is not necessary for anyone to officially confirm it, but the fact is that your colleagues Fixit They are experts in unlocking devices to see the news and differences from previous models, etc., and the new iPhone SE couldn't be out of the iFixit table.

With the opening of the new iPhone SE and before publishing a full split view, iFixit realized that what we all say is true as to the difference with the iPhone 8. Screen, camera, SIM card tray, or haptic engine of the new model is exactly the same as the one used on the iPhone 8 models.

IPhone SE is Fixit

The fact is that this is not something we don't know or Apple itself is hiding a lot, we all know that SE models do not have these exact prices because the models have a processor change and an increase in device memory, added to Significant discount on price

on removed models that in this case are the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, complete.

Well today they are starting to get a full-blown overview of this new device even though it sure doesn't look like they'll be so surprised we have seen what has been seen with some of the features of the new iPhone SE. The device price and reuse of features make this an attractive iPhone for those who want to get into the Apple world, which has the same features or design of the previous model does not mean that it is bad and it should be noted that there is still an iPhone that should be seriously considered by the company's latest model processor

from Cupertino.



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