New ad showcases iPhone 12 night mode photography

Night mode on iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Advances in iPhone hardware allow users to benefit from more and more improvements in the usefulness of the device. One of the biggest advancements where the user can notice this technological innovation is the camera. The iPhone 12 Pro introduced the LiDAR scanner this made it possible to focus much faster in addition to using in-line night mode with the portraits. The improved cameras and integration of new functions in the software itself in addition to the spectacular results are the Central axis

of a new ad of Apple : ‘In darkness’.

Apple highlights the feat of its iPhone 12 and cameras in Night Mode

Now you can take great selfies in the dark. Night mode on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

the Night mode arrived on the iPhone 11 last year. However, the arrival of the new iPhone 12 lineup introduced some big changes. In this new range which includes models 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini there is a new improved night mode With which we can take captures from any camera on the device: front, ultra wide angle, wide angle and telephoto.

This is how you get there expose the improvements of iPhone 12 as well as the Pro’s LiDAR scanner to all the software advancements over night mode. According to Apple, the results on images taken at night are 78% better than with previous versions. In addition, the integration of portrait mode in night mode

This is a big step forward, and that’s what Apple wanted to highlight in its new ad: ‘In the dark’. Remember that this feature is only available on Pro and Pro Max.

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In the ad that we have commented on throughout the article, different people are seen in funny and different situations in low light. In each of them, the person has an iPhone 12 and the screen flash is seen to take a photo with the front camera. In addition, after shooting, the result obtained is displayed. With the aim, neither more nor less, that convince the potential buyer that night mode is here to stay and the results are good.



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