New Sonos Sub Mini Leaks, Sonos’ next budget subwoofer

Sonos is the Apple of speakers, a brand specializing in connected speakers that has always been characterized as a respected brand in terms of quality. The designs are very neat and for this reason they have always looked like the devices of the guys from Cupertino. A few days ago they launched the new line of “budget” speakers, from which the new soundbar stands out, and today the one that could be the new one has just been leaked subwoofer

cheapthe Under Mini Sonos. Read on as we tell you all the details of this possible launch.

And it is that in the end, Sonos and the other speaker manufacturers, Apple among them, have realized that users want quality devices at affordable prices, and the truth is that they are sold as ” churros” and just look what Apple is selling the HomePod Mini, they even discontinued the original HomePod. the Sub mini arrives to complement the new Ray soundbar. the The original sub is priced at 849 dollarsand the worst is that we will always need to have another Sonos speaker, exceeding the 1000 euro mark to complete our sound system.

the Sonos Sub mini arrives to lower that combo speaker price and it would even arrive in a reduced size trying to deliver all the power of the Sub in a small size, ideal for rooms with little space

. It’s logical, Sonos is doing well by renewing its devices by improving its price and dimensions, now it only remains to see if this price is really lower and if we can set up a perfect sound system in our homes with Sonos without going over 1000 dollars. You too, What do you think of the strategy Sonos is taking with the new speakers? Are you Sonos users or do you prefer cheaper manufacturers?



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