Nintendo throws in the towel and closes Dr. Mario World in November

It was there for him year 2016 during an Apple Keynote, we heard the famous tune by Super mario bros, it was him start of an interesting collaboration between the Japanese gaming giant and Apple. With Keynote came Super Mario Run, and after several games from the famous plumber franchise to iOS. Such was the agreement that the games were released exclusively for iOS and then Android. Lots of deflated expectations since the operation didn’t go as planned … Nintendo games for iOS were deflated, and now we have a victim. Nintendo will cease support for Dr. Mario World for iOS.

Read on as we give you all the details …

Since Nintendo didn’t give a reason, they just bothered to announce that As of Monday, November 1, 2021, the game will no longer be available, and existing users will no longer be able to play. Today, July 28, Diamonds are no longer for sale (via in-app purchases)

the closing process is therefore launched. If we start the game after closing, we will see a message that announces the end of the service and we will not be able to play. We will be able to return to the history of the players in Dr. Mario World Memories, a memorial site that will be launched after the game is closed.

In case you didn’t know him, Dr. Mario World was a game from the Super Mario franchise in which you had to place pills as if they were Tetris. A very famous game which from my point of view adapts well to mobile devices, or at least its operation was more justified than the other games we have today from Nintendo. We’ll see who Nintendo’s next victim is …



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