No, the iPhone Night Shift is not going to make you sleep better tonight

Christmas time out of control, not to mention the exact New Year's Day, one of the days when there is an extra control over food and alcohol … Now, if tonight comes home, or maybe in the morning, you run to turn on night mode Shift for your iPhone you should know that it really won't make you sleep better , the hangover will still be there … And that New research has confirmed that Night Shift mode doesn't help our sleep patterns, on the contrary, it will make our dream bigger

. After the jump I tell you more about this study …

Ironically, a study led by Dr. Tim Brown confirms that Night Shift is not beneficial but just the opposite. According to a study published in Current Biology, the blue color of the screens does not hurt us at all a natural clock as was thought The blue light would be even more rest for our eyes as this light imitates colored leaflets similar to the ones we see in the evening. So there are no warm lights or special mirrors to stop the blue light from screens. It's all a lie …

Now, if you hate blue light, the truth that will give hope to your mind is that This study included mice and non-humans, so you couldn't really know the answer that people had. Whether you like it or not, in my view it is a cultural thing, you can use it and no longer do it (as in my case), or Night Shift may be your favorite watch mode. However The new Dark Mode version of iOS 13 has been a huge success in this regard and I think it has been best achieved on Night Shift.

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