The first ceramic Apple Watch prototype appears

Apple Watch ceramic

When Apple launched a product, it didn’t do it overnight and in this case it shows up on the network an Apple Watch made in 2014 with a ceramic case. In this case it is a prototype and it is true that Apple usually destroys all prototypes but this has lasted over the years until today, which the Twitter user @DongleBookPro

shared a series of photos of this Apple Watch on the social network.

What is clear is that the Cupertino company launched the first year, that is, the Series 0 model, watches in aluminum, steel and gold. For the Apple Watch Series 2 model, the model we have here today, the ceramic one, was introduced.


The images below are from this prototype model produced in 2014 and released two years later:

It is evident that the tests Apple does with its products are endless and many of them end up officially arriving years later in which case the ceramic Apple Watch has finally been released. The watch itself added the exact same features and specifications as the rest of the watches, but the box was ceramic which made the final price of the product quite expensive. Personally, in this Apple Watch model, I really liked it.



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