Tim Cook announces aid to Haiti after severe earthquake


The CEO of Apple announced a few hours ago a donation for Haiti after the major earthquake of magnitude 7.2 they suffered on Saturday August 14. This is not the first time that Haiti has experienced an earthquake of such magnitude and as always the main problem is the number of victims they cause … In this new earthquake the toll of material damage is really high, and for the moment according to official figures it has caused 304 dead and nearly 2,000 injured.

Apple generally helps in any way it can when these natural disasters strike and Cook announced on his official Twitter account the company’s financial assistance for the rapid recovery of infrastructure, housing and essential services, as well as showing its full support to the victims:

These types of events are more frequent and unexpected, so there is little help when they do occur. The first earthquake, as they say, occurred last Saturday and mainly affected the southwest area, causing the almost total destruction of towns like Jérémie or Los Cayos. Just yesterday morning another shake slightly below 5.9 rocked the island again.

The Cupertino company is generally quite involved in this type of disaster and Cook’s announcement came hours after the event became known.



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