watchOS 9’s battery saving mode could be coming to the Apple Watch Series 8

watchOS 9 has been with us in beta for a few weeks. Apple has decided to invest time in developing useful tools for users in this new update. Among these options is greater precision when calculating battery life thanks to a recalibration in the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5, which is added to the option already existing in the Series 6 and 7. Apparently a battery saving mode is hidden in the code of watchOS 9

similar to that available in iOS and iPadOS which It could happen with the Apple Watch Series 8 and it would be a hardware-exclusive feature.

watchOS 9’s battery saving mode reportedly hardware limited

Rumors pointed before WWDC22 to a new, more efficient watchOS 9. The integration of a new battery saving mode. This mode was similar to the one available in iOS and iPadOS, a tool to limit the options of the operating system, guaranteeing the user-friendliness of the basic functions while conserving the maximum possible battery.

Remember that this potential battery saving mode should be differentiated from low power mode. This last mode is activated when the watch drops below 10% battery guaranteeing that the clock will strike the hour, but the rest of the options are d isabled, there is no access to any watchOS related options beyond time.

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watchOS 9 introduces battery recalibration for Apple Watch Series 4 and 5

However, Apple didn’t include battery saver mode in early watchOS 9 betas. However, the analyst Gurman ensures that power saving mode will arrive with the Apple Watch Series 8. Therefore, it would be an exclusive option at the hardware level, leaving the rest of the models behind, leaving only the new watches that will appear in the coming months compatible with this mode.



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