After buying Tile, Live360 does business by selling its users’ location

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Do you remember when they mentioned the AirTags that never arrived? Apple’s tracking device never quite arrived after all the rumors that were thrown from time to time. There was a desire for AirTags and the main competitors were making money with a device they already owned. No need to lose our keys, our backpack or even our pet. We just had to get some Tiles and take them with everything we didn’t want to lose, of course until the AirTags arrived and Apple made it all easier. And worst of all, now we’ve just found out that Tile not only helps us find our devices, but also sells our location information.

, and it is something unacceptable … Continue reading that we will tell you all the details of this controversy.

This was precisely one of Apple’s maxims when launching a product like the AirTags: our data was not going to be shared, no one would have access to our locations. But what happened in the case of Tile was that the company was taken over by Life360, a company that allowed us to locate our whole family using their devices, it took over Tile and it looks like they kept taking it … yes they say they did. they do it anonymously, but Markup

(NGO that assesses the use of technology) discovered that Life360 sells data to brokers who are excited to know location data. Life360 as we say confirmed by pointing out that they do so anonymously, but if they hid it at the beginning, who says it’s true.

A very dangerous practice. They offer a service to help us locate whatever we want, but in the end they offer it to us like a Trojan horse. to continue to sell this data to third parties because this data is now a very precious asset. So now you know, if you are planning to buy a Tile or AirTag type tracking device, opt for the apple version. Knowing the policies of Cupertino, we doubt that they are involved in practices similar to those of Life360 with Tile.



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